Seven Turns: A Ghost Story

Seven Turns has been acquired by Solstice Publishing and is in pre-publication editing.

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Seven Turns: A Ghost Love Story

This first of the seven rivers to cross is about author Callaghan McCarthy, whose bank account is dwindling while her agent breathes down her neck for a sequel to her once-popular ghost story. In a final desperate bid to find out what she wants to be when she grows up, she packs everything she owns into her car and sets off across the country to seek inspiration at a reputedly haunted bed and breakfast in a small southern town. The fact that she really doesn't believe in ghosts at all is highly amusing to the spirits who live at Vale House, and they have been expecting her.

As Cally comes to know and love the denizens of the run-down town the locals call Woodley, USA., she begins to realize she has wandered into the midst of a host of secrets nobody will talk about in front of people who are Not From Around Here.

Most travelers on the interstate will drive right past Woodley without ever knowing it's there.
Those who do manage to find the exit are meant to be there, for one reason or another. But that is only the first turn on the highway...

Seven Turns

Seven Turns

Callaghan McCarthy arrives in Woodley, USA.

The next turn...

Turn two...

George has a story of his own, and he is finally ready to tell it.

Emerald's Tale

Moving on...

Just who - or what - is Emerald, anyway?


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