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Seven Turns - A Ghost Story

Seven TurnsThe first story in the series introduces us to Woodley, USA through the eyes of author Callaghan McCarthy. She arrives there in the middle of the night, in her search for inspiration for a sequel to her once-popular ghost story. She doesn’t really believe in ghosts, of course. The ghosts in Woodley find this kind of funny – and they need her help with a problem of their own.

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Moonlight and Moss

Moonlight and Moss

Available May 31, 2019, Moonlight and Moss is the story of Cally's attempts to navigate a new relationship with a man who isn’t, technically, quite 100% human, while solving a murder and keeping an innocent man from having to spend his life in jail for a crime committed by someone…else? who may also not be human.

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Author Bio:

Kim Beall started sneaking into the basement to read her parents’ massive collection of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Gothic Romance when she was nine years old, which resulted in her spending her teenage years writing dozens of novels. This might have worked out better for her if she had not written them during math class.

She sincerely believes every adult still yearns, not so deep inside, to find real magic in everyday life.

Press Releases:
  • May 2018 / Youngsville, NC: Local Author Launches New Book
  • May 2019 / Youngsville, NC: Local Author Launches New Book
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