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Kim Beall
- Author of Contemporary Gothic Fantasy

Photo of Kim Beall

Where is Woodley, USA?

Coming Soon

In an unassuming small town that just happens to lie on the border between two worlds, ghosts can be people, too. Faeries can be good or bad, and monsters can be all too real.

In a small town with a big secret, anything can happen.

Even Love.

Do you believe?

Seven Turns is the first book in the Woodley, USA series.
Night full of stars and galaxies

Must read! Magical and unique

This book stirred up my imagination. I see this town and these characters as real and the whole story is in my head for life now. Which is a true gift.

-Amazon review of Seven Turns

There are more than ghosts at Vale House!

This world is full of great characters, not just scenery. They are part of the story too, and not just walls for the main character to bounce off of. They help both deepen and explain the mystery that Cally has become a part of and they... matter.

Amazon Review of Seven Turns

The conclusion of the Woodley Tales --- maybe?

I think the pictures I carry of Callie and the crew of characters, other-worldly as well flesh and blood, will haunt me for a long time. Pick these three books up and settle in for some love and adventure in worlds that are both familiar and strange. And always remember: Ghosts are People Too!

Amazon Review of Ghost of a Chance

Photo of Kim Beall

About Kim Beall

Kim Beall (she/her/hers) lives and writes in a small North Carolina town that may or may not remind you of Woodley, USA. When not writing she gardens, hunts mushrooms, and raises chickens. She has never yet met a ghost in person, though her cats do frequently manage to walk through closed doors.

She sincerely believes every adult still yearns, not so deep inside, to find real magic in everyday life.

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