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Books by Kim Beall

The Woodley, USA series (2018 - 2021)

Seven Turns

Washed-up author Callaghan McCarthy has 99 problems, and believing in ghosts isn't one of them. The ghosts of Woodley, USA find this amusing, but they need her help with a problem of their own.

When she checks into Vale House, a bed and breakfast the internet claims is haunted, she hopes to find inspiration for a sequel to her once-popular ghost story. She quickly finds more inspiration than she bargained for, but any evil haunting Vale House does not emanate from its ghosts. As Cally comes to know and love the eccentric denizens of the run-down Southern town, she realizes she has wandered into the midst of a host of secrets nobody will talk about in front of people who are Not From Around Here.

While a disembodied internet entity, the ghost of a teenage Taino pirate, and a mysterious gentleman who is not quite human, himself, try to help her cope with her new reality, she begins to understand that saving Vale House and saving herself are one and the same.

Seven Turns book cover depicts a woman standing at the edge of a dark wood looking along a road that leads into a moonlit meadow

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Moonlight and Moss

Author Callaghan McCarthy first came to Vale House, a haunted B&B on the edge of a faerie meadow, seeking inspiration for her ghost stories. She found more inspiration than she bargained for, and now the ghosts and other spirits of Woodley, USA are some of her best friends.

In "Moonlight and Moss," Cally continues to explore her relationships with the spirits of Vale House, as well as with Ben Dawes, who is not quite 100% human, himself. When a brutal murder rocks the serenity of the peaceful southern town, the caretaker of Vale House is charged with the crime. Cally's attempts to clear her friend's good name soon lead to evidence the real killer may not have been human. If her investigations reveal that faerie hand has spilled human blood, repercussions could bring the tenuous truce between the human and faerie worlds crashing down.

As the son of the faerie queen, Ben is in a position to help her enlist the aid of the local faerie court, but Cally doesn't feel she's ready for a serious relationship again ... if she ever will be. Especially one with a man who must spend half his life in a shadowy otherworld. If she is to solve this mystery and keep Vale House intact, she must figure out on which side of the fence her heart truly lies.

Moonlight and Moss - book cover depicts a woman alone in a field on a starry night, looking at a white house in the distance with a full moon hanging over it.

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Ghost of a Chance

A year after her arrival in Woodley, USA, Callaghan McCarthy has become the manager of Vale House, a haunted B&B on the edge of a faerie meadow. The town elders are letting her in on more and more of the closely-guarded secrets that make this strange town tick. Best of all, her relationship with Ben Dawes has blossomed into a full-blown romance.

She is supremely content with her lot, until one of the town's most beloved citizens dies, turning her weird but happy little world upside down. In the midst of the tumult, a famous television ghost-hunter offers to cleanse Vale House of its resident spirits. Naturally, Cally and the other staff flatly refuse this offer. After the obnoxious guest leaves, however, the ghosts seem to disappear with them.

Cally is determined to rescue her spectral friends and bring them home, though she begins to understand she must travel to a very dark place to find them. In order to succeed, she must do something that frightens her even more: she must learn to trust those who claim to love her.

Ghost of a Chance cover depicts a woman standing alone at night looking out over a moonlit river

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A Midnight Clear

The Woodley, USA Christmas episode!

Chronologically, this slim volume falls between Book 2 (Moonlight and Moss) and Book 3(Ghost of a Chance) of the Woodley, USA saga, but if you haven't read the other books yet you will find it stands perfectly well on its own.

Everyone keeps telling Cally she needs to have a wish prepared when the real Santa visits Vale House on Christmas Eve. She doesn’t believe in Santa or in wishes anymore, but she is beginning to suspect she knows the identity of the body that was found under the ice in the pond two days ago.

The Midnight Clear cover depicts a woman walking along a frozen pond in a snowstorm, with a mysterious red object bing drawn across the moon by horned beasts...?

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Coming Soon


Working title "Rivers and Roads" is currently being queried. This completely new adventure takes place in a quirky, isolated village that just might seem uncannily familiar to lovers of Woodley.


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